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Starting from $10 per linear ft for driveways.

Our Services

Concrete Pavement / Floor
We have experienve in all types of floors:
• Sidewalk 
• Porches
• Backyard cement 
• Stamped concrete
• Concrete driveway 
• Concrete patio 
• Concrete contractor
• Home foundation 
Garage Entrances
If you want to design a modern and solid garage entrance, we have done tons of similar projects.
Residential or Commercial
We are specialists in the construction of trails, sidewalks and much more for homes or businesses.

Need Concrete Pouring?

At SB Paving Construction we strive to provide excellent service to our customers. We have years of experience working with cement, and creating all sorts of projects for houses and offices. If you need a reliable service and experts in dealing with permits and construction, give us a call.

parking pavement for a house

Why Choose Us?

At SB Paving Construction we do it all. we work on driveways, sidewalks, backyards, retail shopping centers, condominiums and residential.

If you're looking for quality when it comes to paving construction, we can cover your needs.

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We serve our customers in:

San Gabriel Valley, LA County, and Orange County.